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A team of IT and marketing professionals came together to solve the day-to-day issues faced by advertising agencies.

We think the marketing industry still needs a system that is able to truly deliver everything that modern marketers need.

We believe that specialised media planning and project management software for advertising agencies can solve that.

And we know just how to design it.


To create multi-functional media planning and project management software that can solve any problem that may arise in the advertising industry.


To become the most intuitive and user-friendly system. To streamline all the daily processes of an agency, making them easier, faster and more productive.

Image by Timon Studler

I’ve been involved in the technical area of the advertising industry since the last century and let me tell you something – the problems haven’t changed.


Even back then, marketers were looking for better ways to manage their daily work, and they continue to struggle today. With only one difference – the amount of data they are handling today, is much larger.


Over the years I’ve helped several marketing-related companies to create specialised ERP systems, so I’ve acquired a clear understanding of what industry truly needs. Now, it’s time to finally provide it.

R. Rozenbergs

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