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More than just a
project management tool

Do the work that really matters, and let the system do the rest.  Our system is designed to reduce human error, streamline calculations, provide reports and organise financial operations.


Choose the media type and simply fill in the template. All the information you need in one location. 

In case of corrections, just update the brief. No more unnecessary questions.


Centralised data records make colleague substitution a breeze.


Pre-defined client and vendor catalogues make planning precise;


During the planning process, managers can easily track status without distracting the media planner.


Submit, approve or reject the campaign directly in Niit. No more misunderstandings, about which version of the plan was approved.


Invoice your clients directly from the campaign, avoiding confusion about whether the project has concluded.


Expenses and vendor invoices are linked to their relevant projects, ensuring that planned and actual costs match.

Get a complete picture over of your project revenue status with a single click.


All invoices in one centralised system with full control over who has access to which information.


Thanks to API integrations, Niit can provide smooth data exchange with your accountancy system, freeing up your accountants from manual data implementation.


Centralized financial estimates make predicting future income/expense flows a snap.


Non-stop access to real-time data.


Analyse agency data down to the smallest detail.


Follow your company's progress online.


All your commitments in one place – keep everything under control with total ease


Continuous progress updates with immediate interruption as needed


Complete autonomy – just open Niit and consult the status updates. No need to request reports from the accountant.


If you represent more than one agency, gathering all their real-time data within one system will be especially convenient.


Teammates who take action in several agencies will also appreciate the opportunity to organise their projects in one system.


Save lots of time and avoid navigating multiple systems - manage it all in one Niit system.


Implement the onboarding process until your team feels comfortable with Niit.


Written/video instructions for individual use are available at any time.


A support team is always available to help
you with any issues or questions.


Partner catalogue – add essential information to Niit and save time on employee onboarding or remembering important dates such as birthdays.


The team workflow overview is easier than ever. Just click on your dashboard and view your team's current workflow.


And much, much more...

Start your free 1-month trial today

No commitment, no fees, no problems. 
Cancel at any time.

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